Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

October 23, 2023

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because it’s straightforward and can provide amazing results very quickly. By lightening the shade of your teeth, you can improve the appearance of your teeth, and your smile, effortlessly. Teeth whitening is an effective treatment that will lift stains from the enamel of the tooth. Your teeth are porous and will absorb anything that has colour. If used as instructed the whitening process uses ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains.

Most teeth whitening products have similar active ingredients but what differentiates one treatment from the next is how the whitening agent is placed on the teeth. Your dentist will prepare custom-fitted whitening trays for patients, this will ensure that that whole area of the tooth has coverage and ensures optimum results. The trays are made from a thin, flexible plastic and are comfortable to wear.

If you choose to have your teeth whitened with us, you will be invited into the practice where the dentist will take impressions to make your trays. At a second appointment the dentist will fit your trays and explain the whitening procedure which will be carried out at home. We will be here to support you through your treatment so never be afraid to contact the practice if you have any queries.

Teeth whitening treatment works by allowing a very small amount of bleaching gel to come in to contact with the teeth. The gel then reacts with the surface of the tooth, gently and safely removing stains. Teeth whitening is a non-surgical dental treatment, it’s minimally invasive, pain free and doesn’t have to be costly. As with any dental procedure it is important that you have seen a dentist to confirm that you have healthy teeth and gums. We will also check your suitability for treatment, if you have a crown for example, it will have been matched to your original tooth colour and will not lighten.

The best time to whiten your teeth is just before you go to bed. Immediately after using the whitening product, your teeth are more susceptible to re-staining so it’s best to avoid coloured food or drink. When you are whitening your teeth, you may experience some sensitivity, and this is normal. Talk to your dentist if you have any concerns.

With the cost of tooth whitening treatments becoming more competitive than ever, there’s never been a better time to give your teeth a makeover. If you would like to discuss teeth whitening, or any of the treatments our friendly reception team will be happy to help. Contact us today and look forward to dazzling with your new smile.

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